Xenia Sobchak vs the founder of “Belaya Dacha” Viktor Semenov: salad business

Xenia Sobchak sets her hopes on Viktor Semenov, because he has lived through catastrophes of planetary scale. He came to work on “Belaya Dacha” as a brigadier, when economy of USSR was on the brink of the end. Viktor Semenov entered the beginning of “perestroika” as a chief of work collective. The epoch of capitalism he met with the shareholding of his own enterprise. Then he became a minister of agriculture, later – a deputy of State Duma. Viktor Semenov came to “Edinaya Rossiya” from Primakov’s party not as a deserter, but as a founder. Now he is a social-responsible and respected entrepreneur and doesn’t want to try on a clown’s suit of “parliamentarian”.

There is no irony in the words of Xenia. And the fact that “Belaya Dacha” doesn’t grow salad, just washes and packs it, enraptures more than causes malice. Moreover, he created such enormous, clean, hi-tech enterprise, that the owner of IKEA Ingvar Camprad decided to create a joint enterprise with Viktor Semenov.

Xenia Sobchak was interested in the experience and success of Viktor Semenov and personally met him to ask some questions.